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My Goals

  As your Prosecuting Attorney, I would be the chief law enforcement officer in Fayette County and the lawyer representing the State of West Virginia and citizens of Fayette County in all criminal proceedings.  As Prosecuting Attorney, I believe I have a responsibility to work closely with law enforcement and crime victims to vigorously prosecute criminals and to pursue justice in all criminal matters.

  As for specific goals, once elected I shall:

1. Prosecute all felonies more aggressively, and in particular crimes of violence

2. Prosecute drug crimes more aggressively, focusing on those distributing larger quantities of controlled substances and those from out of state who come to West Virginia to sell drugs in our communities.

3. Make treatment for those suffering from substance abuse disorder more accessible and give those charged with crimes immediate access to treatment options.  Increase access for our children to programs that focus on prevention of substance abuse and education about substance abuse.

4. Prosecute crimes of domestic violence and animal cruelty or neglect more aggressively.  

5. Work closely with law enforcement and victims during the investigation and prosecution of crimes and consult with law enforcement and victims prior to offering any plea agreement or taking any action regarding a criminal case.

6. Prosecute felonies more diligently.  Felony crimes will no longer be allowed to languish for over a year only to be dismissed because of inactivity.

7. Take steps to reduce the jail bill.  Fayette County spent $2.5 million on its jail bill from July 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019. 

Committee to Elect Anthony Ciliberti as Prosecuting Attorney
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